So last night…

I enjoyed one of the greatest tweetups!

Last Friday, I had a minor surgery which kept me indoors for almost a week.  I may not live in New York City, but my quaint 650 square feet condo is an easy gateway to cabin fever.

So when my colleague Steve Clayton a.k.a. @stevecla invited me to a tweetup, I jumped at the opportunity to reconnect with the real world. But I was not prepared to mingle face to face with one of the most fascinating cartoon artists I know.

Hugh MacLeod a.k.a. @gapingvoid is an artist and author of Ignore Everybody, and I’ve been a fan of his unique concept of marrying cartoons and “shit that goes through my mind and wish I could say out loud on a regular basis” on business cards.  My first recollection of his work was on a bottle of Microsoft wine I saw on a colleague’s desk several years ago. I recently discovered that Steve and Hugh were the magic culprits behind the blue monster grape juice.  If I had not discovered our mutual work mantra, “if you’re not pushing the limit every now and then, then you’re not really doing your job”, upon our first meeting I would have been surprised that Steve was almost fired for his clever and tactic branding instigation.

Moved by the artist life that I have always wanted to aspire, we exchanged stories and I eventually sweet talked him into drawing me a card.  He pulled out a clear box containing clean watermark-quality cards and an exacto knife pad out of his fanny pack (mad props here), and drew me this:

All in all, it was an interesting evening where the universe aligned three very different but passionate people and the super harvest moon shined bright for the first time since 1991.  Compared to my state of affair a week prior, I was certaintly awake and the night was beautiful.

Thanks to my good buddy @shanemacsays for being a fabulous partner in crime!

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