Facebook pwns again with new “See Friendship” feature

It has been a pretty uneventful eventful week.  Work has been eventful given that Halloween is around the corner, which means every department has an excuse to throw a party of some sort.  We’ve had record days filled with potlucks, cocktail hours, and even a PBR fundraiser (we be keepin’ it classy) to drive donations for the annual Microsoft GIVE Campaign.  Tonight, while I happily came home to an evening of rest, I was habitually seeking some sort of excitement despite my busy week.  Steve and I watched the Giants clench Game 2 of the World Series, and I began grilling him with some conversation starters but he was not enthused (grrr).  His cue to wind down the night by taking Bella out for her walk lead me to my nightly online routine when I came across…

Facebook’s new “See Friendship” feature — and just the excitement I was looking for.  It’s so fascinating that I needed to write a post to help me process.

I’m surprised that I didn’t hear about this feature on Twitter-sphere as it was released earlier today, but maybe I was too caught up between multitasking and downing my guacamole at the potluck.

The “See Friendship” feature creates an aggregated profile comprised of interactions between two people on the social network.  While we have always been able to see mutual friends and tagged photos, there has never been a dedicated page to capture all of the content on one page, not to mention events you have attended together, things you both “like”, and posts you have both commented on.  Talk about bringing a friendship to life.

There are so many implications behind this new feature, because the transparency of information stored from Facebook interactions will ultimately facilitate friendships in both positive and negative ways.  Sometimes the more you know, the less you understand.  Other times, knowledge leads to understanding.  Either way, Mark Zuckerburg wasn’t kidding when he shared that “we are building a web where the default is social”, because you can’t get more social than even more transparency.

Now only if there was a drop down to categorize the relationship (ie. sisters, cousins, boyfriend, colleague), you could get even more granular to connect and automate the newly launched groups feature.  That would be a seamless call to action for users.

I am most intrigued by the profile photo it chooses to represent the friendship.  I perused through some of my friends’ friendships, and I am amused by the selection of photos Facebook has chosen.  Of all the tagged photos in between two profiles, it somehow manages to select the photo that is the most photogenic / funny / significant / quirky / I-totally-remember-that-time / insert adjective here of them all.

Facebook’s new “See Friendship” feature = more time spent on facebook = more traffic = brilliant in so many ways.  Kudos to you, Wayne Kao.  Just when we thought interactions hit critical mass, Facebook pwns again.

Happy seeing friendships.

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