Snow in Seattle Means I’m Pinteresting

Screenshot of my Pinterest board. Also, social // potato chips recipes are now on Pinterest!

The weathermen of Seattle have a tough job.  No matter how much science is taken into consideration for weather forecasting, the OCD nature of this Emerald City does not go unaccounted for.  Who can forget the predicted snow storm that turned up as just rain, or the unforeseen “Snowmaggedon” leading to an unplanned city bumper car session?

Well folks, the weathermen of Seattle are celebrating somewhere today because today’s expected snow propelled their credibility to a new level.  Which means, I am enjoying the mesmerizing fall of huge snowflakes from indoors, folding seven loads of laundry (smh) and ready to spend endless hours on Pinterest.  What is Pinterest, you ask?

After all, I am a five year old at heart so let me explain through the eyes of analogies.

If Tumblr and Instagram had a baby, they would deliver you Pinterest.

Now, let’s make things a little more complicated, as life tends to be.

What really happened, is that Instagram had an affair with Twitter.

And Twitter’s been going steady with Facebook.

Pinterest is the latest social networking site to hit critical mass by storm.  Like Instagram, it encourages photo sharing, or “pinning“, with your followers and view photos or “pins” from people you follow.  Like Tumblr, these photos represent a collection of your right brain activities in blog-like format, or also known as your “board”.  Like Twitter, you have the ability to re-tweet or “repin” images from others that pinterest you.  Like Facebook, you don’t have to commit to repinning things to your board, because you can simply “like” images you… like.

Are you still with me?

I’m mostly impressed with Pinterest because of their ability to pro-create websites that have been historically monogamous, but also win the hearts of social media fiends who, like me, may have grown numb to content overkill in the past several months.  I tried my hardest to resist joining yet another social network, until I gave Pinterest for a quick spin and the rest is history.

Pinterest is targeting a myriad of audiences who happen to be the perfect user base.

1. Left-Brainers:  It didn’t take very long for my parents to realize I was left-handed.  I’d naturally pick up crayons and feed myself using my left hand.  Lefties aren’t easily accepted in Eastern cultures, particularly Asian, and they tried very hard to force me to switch and use my right hand.  Even after accustoming to using my right hand after having a car accident related cast on my left hand for a couple of months, I easily reverted back to my natural habits.  There are people in this world who are meant to read.  And, there are people in this world who are meant to visualize.  With Pinterest, the visual board is your oyster.

2. Females:  Despite what feminists have to say, it doesn’t change the fact that many females were raised to be caretakers (and for those who had parents to allow yourself to be whatever you wanted to be, they did well).  We were given Barbie dolls to make their hair and dress pretty, dollhouses to tidy with furnishings, and let’s not forget, to dream of growing up one day to marry Prince Charming.  The good intentions of our parents lead us to want or “need” things we can’t always afford, set expectations or definitions of the “perfect” man that is impossible to exist, and believe that a wedding is what every girl should attain to achieve in their adult life.  Whether you agree or disagree with this, I think, is a personal choice.  But it also doesn’t change the fact that building our fairy tale in the form of an online scrapbook is harmless fun, reliving an old pastime while bonding friendships with other pinteresting females in solidarity.  With Pinterest, you can plan for your planned or unplanned wedding, fill your non-existing house with furniture, and collect as many clothes and shoes you wish.

3. Foodies:  It’s rare to find a good cookbook without images.  Food is meant to target two main human senses: dishes that look delicious, and dishes that taste delicious.  Reading recipes hardly warrant hunger.  With Pinterest, cookbooks have another competition.

4. Fashionistas:  I generally hate the term fashionistas.  Because according to Urban Dictionary, a fashionista is considered as “A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularily unique or high fashion.  A person not to be called a fashionista would be someone who obsessively follows trends.”  Tell me, what is unique about fashion?  There are a handful of conglomerate fashion designers with an impeccable and creative eye who set the bar for rest of the fashion industry.  Each person’s style is still unique and devoted to fashion, but may or may not be considered as high fashion, because fashion itself is a subjective state of being.  With Pinterest, trends are created, and ideas are lead to inspirations that inevitably become adopted.  Imitation is a highest form of flattery, and I don’t see it as a bad thing.

5. Wedding Planners:  The wedding planners of the world are also celebrating somewhere because their credibility rose to a new level.  With Pinterest, it is virtually impossible to misinterpret your client’s dream wedding.

6. Photographers:  Photographers know that you can spend all day taking and viewing thousands of photos, and if you’re lucky, you might end up with one worth publishing. With Pinterest, you can now overdose yourself with inspiration on steroids.  Then, travel around the world like @kiendlam.

7. Martha Stewart Worshippers:  DIY (do-it-yourself) and craft ideas are exploding again like hipsters making a comeback from the 80s.  With Pinterest, Jo-Ann, Michaels, and Ben Frankin may last for an unforeseen amount of time.

8. Moms:  I am continually impressed the rise of online mom communities and their engagement in social networks.  With Pinterest, moms have another channel to show off their kids and collect creative ideas for playtime.

9. Brands:  Mashable recently published 5 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest to Boost Consumer Engagement.  Facebook and Twitter have definitely paved the channel for creating online consumer engagement, while some brands continue to experiment with Instagram.  With Pinterest, brands have a gold-rush opportunity to lead engagement in the newest and hottest online space, before other brands jump on the bandwagon and create noiseKudos to Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and other top brands on Pinterest.

10. Men:  After all, women are not unique to the world of right brains.  @davidhuang writes Why Dudes Should Use Pinterest, because with Pinterest, walls of 16-year old teenage boys aren’t the only places filled with pictures of hot women.  It’s clear that women and men aren’t so different after all, as you build your fairy tale in the form of an online scrapbook in harmless fun, reliving an old pastime in our adulthood. :)

As I finish this post, the snow has stopped in Seattle (see picture here).  But, baby it’s still cold outside, so I’ll stay home and pin things on my Pinterest board.  And to dear Pinterest, I thank you.


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