100 Things To Do & Eat In Seattle

Seattle is one of the best kept secrets in America.

As I’m winding down my final days in Seattle, I want to share with you how many amazing things this Emerald City has to offer. Whether you are a new citizen in town, a tourist stopping through, or a native, you may enjoy my favorite laundry list of items to eat/do/experience in Seattle.

1. Grab a latte from Caffe Vita and take a stroll around Greenlake with your pooch, friend, or both.

2. Check out Pike Place Market to visit the first ever Starbucks location, taste the best mac and cheese at Beecher’s, and wait in line at Piroshki Bakery (and it will be worth it). Don’t forget to pick yourself up some flowers for $5 to $15.

3. I scream, you scream, we all scream ice cream at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream.

4. Enjoy the most magnificent view of the Space Needle from Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

5. Discover the best fried chicken outside of the Southeast at Ezell’s.

6. Break in your hiking shoes at Rattlesnake Mountain and witness one of the most breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest.

7. Rock out at the Capitol Hill Block Party also commonly known as CHBP.

8. There is never too much cheese to be had at the Seattle Cheese Festival.

9. Save your most romantic date with a dinner for two at The Herbfarm, Crush, and Canlis.

10. Take a scenic drive to Alki Beach and a standup paddle lesson if you dare.

11. Pick your combo at Red Mill Burgers and choose your new favorite mlikshake flavor.

12. Live and realize that Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater should be on everyone’s bucket list.

13. Pick blackberries on Whidbey Island.

14. Experience the beauty of purple and gold at the next Husky Football game.

15. Have a PBR 40 oz. in a brown paper bag with your pooch at Norm’s Eatery & Ale House.

16. Order the best sushi rolls at Umi Sake House with a lychee lemonade martini.

17. Cheap seats, garlic fries, and expensive beer at a Seattle Mariners game makes a great spring or summer evening.

18. Go on a bike ride at Myrtle Edwards Park and breath in the fresh and salty air of Puget Sound while enjoying outdoor installations of Olympic Sculpture Park.

19. Like vodka? Enjoy the largest selection of vodka in Washington at Barca.

20. Taste a bit of aloha in Seattle with dinner at Kona Kitchen followed by live music on Wednesdays at Ohana.

21. Learn all about sustainable farming and omakase at Mashiko.

22. Find your inner creative side at SAM Remix.

23. Allow the Seattle Theater Group to impress your musical taste at one of their amazing venues: The Paramount, The Moore, and The Neptune.

24. Discover why #12 makes the Seattle Seahawks set the highest number of false starts in the NFL.

25. Love desserts? If not, B & O Espresso just might change your mind.

26. If you’re having a bad day, visit the off leash area at Magnuson Park to witness a little piece of heaven.

27. Feel sand in between your toes and watch the sunset at Golden Gardens.

28. Sing a little hallelujah when Elysian Brewing Company releases their pumpkin ale each fall.

29. Grab your friends and take a short road trip to Woodinville for wine tasting during the day and concerts in the evening at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

30. Let your thighs feel uncomfortable as you climb rocks at Stone Gardens. Try it blindfolded for extra fun brownie points.

31. Don’t let animals in the city be lonely. Pay them a visit at Woodland Park Zoo.

32. Channel your inner foodie at the Bite of Seattle.

33. Fremont Fair offers naked people on bikes and overabundant amounts of beer to celebrate summer solstice.

34. Check out the Japanese garden and over hundreds of plant assortments at the Arboretum.

35. At Volunteer Park, you can visit Bruce Lee’s grave site and have a picnic in the park all in one place.

36. Spend all day at Elliot Bay Book Company.

37. Increase your chances of running into a celebrity at the Seattle International Film Festival, or at the very least become inspired.

38. Represent the WAC by rooting for the Redhawks at Key Arena.

39. Nourish your soul with home style Southern cooking at The Kingfish Cafe.

40. You don’t need to travel all the way to New York for a piece of good pie. Hot Mama’s, Delancy, or The Independent Pizzeria will satisfy your gluten cravings.

41. Bring a little bit of Germany to Seattle at the next Fremont Oktoberfest.

42. Taylor Shellfish Farm is one of the largest seafood wholesale distributors for oyster, geoduck, clams, and mussels. Best oyster happy hour in town. Go get ‘em.

43. At Maneki, you will dine at one of Seattle’s oldest and traditional Japanese restaurants.

44. Do a triple combo: beer, homemade pretzels, and shuffleboard. Available at Brave Horse Tavern.

45. Two dollar bahn mi sandwiches at Seattle Deli.

46. A trip to Pike Place Market is not complete without a visit to The Crumpet Shop.

47. Get to know Ethan Stowell at one of his lovely establishments, particularly the prix fixe menu at Staple and Fancy (best when served as family style in large group).

48. Go for a run at Seward Park. Or a good place to meditate, too.

49. Take a helicopter ride around Seattle to take pictures from every high angle. Reserve your spot at Helicopters Northwest.

50. Dance the night away at R Place and Havana.

51. Plan your next lunch break at Paseo, because it will be the best Cuban sandwich you’ve waited for.

52. Watch Thai Tom at work while he makes you the best pad thai in Seattle!

53. Cure your cold or flu with a bowl of pho at Than Brothers, but make sure to leave room for cream puffs.

54. Bet that maybe you’ll spot David Beckham at the next Seattle Sounders game.

55. Celebrate food at Art of the Table.

56. Learn and embrace culture at the next Northwest Folklife Festival.

57. Getting inked? Surely you’ll find your inspiration at the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

58. Say hello to my friends at Saley, who have introduced me to the best crepes I’ve ever tasted.

59. Buy your produce fresh at Ballard Farmers Market.

60. Make a trip to Pioneer square between 11am and 4pm for an Italian sandwich from Salumi. Ahhhhhh.

61. Try your luck, taste the buffet, or get your boogie on at Snoqualmie Casino.

62. I’m usually not a fan of doughnuts, but Top Pot may change your mind.

63. The Walrus and the Carpenter is pretty much the only place I’d ever consider eating beef tartare and sipping chocolate in one night.

64. Put your falafel cravings at ease with a sandwich from Aladdin or Med-Mix.

65. Experience the best Italian in Seattle and you just might end up on the Cooking Channel after a night at Spinasse.

66. Pike Place Chowder lets you create a combo of various seafood chowders so you don’t have to commit to just one!

67. Did someone say grilled cheese, let alone THREE different types? Thank you, Grim’s.

68. Dine for a good cause at Farestart, a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals.

69. Flatbreads and wine at Black Bottle on a summer evening is delightfully perfect.

70. Watch the fireworks on 4th of July from Gasworks.

71. Shop fresh meat, cheese, and wine in preparation for your next dinner party at Melrose Market.

72. Order your next karaoke song on an iPad and order yummy drinks at Rock Box.

73. Give ballroom dancing a go at Century Ballroom.

74. First date? Dinner at the Pink door and a night at Can Can. You’re welcome.

75. Then, make the first move at Fremont Outdoor Movies.

76. Have a customized drink from some of the best bartenders in the U.S. at The Zig Zag Cafe and Tavern Law.

77. Tell Linda she is a genius if you ever run into her at one of her well-crafted, laid back establishments: Linda’s, Oddfellows Cafe, or Smith.

78. Discover your next favorite musician on KEXP 90.3 FM.

79. Pick up the latest Seattle Weekly and The Stranger. Then, read your horoscope and I Saw You ads.

80. Follow your favorite food truck: Marination Mobile, Skillet, Where Are Ya Matt, Maximus / Minimus, and Pai’s.

81. Shop till you drop at Seattle Premium Outlets.

82. Find treasures at Fremont Sunday Market.

83. Yes, it is possible to golf with breathtaking views at The Gold Club at Newcastle.

84. Watch the blue angels in action at Seafair and if you can, rent a boat.

85. Visit your nearest Cactus and order the best nachos you’ll ever have in your life.

86. Hot outside? Take a chilly dip at Madison Park. I dare you!

87. Even for non-Catholics, St. James Cathedral is an architectural wonder to see.

88. Don’t have airfare to Paris? You can find le pastry right here in town at Le Panier.

89. Still craving French? Le Pichet and Bastille Cafe & Bar may do just the trick.

90. King’s Hardware never fails to deliver ample amounts of beer and prime hipster watching.

91. Run your first or next race at the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, where you can enjoy various bands and entertainment during the duration of your 13.1 or 26.2 course.

92. Support the LGBTQ community at Seattle Pride. SO MUCH FUN.

93. Get your brunch on at Volunteer Park Cafe, or participate in their Sunday community dinners.

94. Support local farmers and ingredients with your next meal at Local 360, and don’t forget to try their homemade Bloody Mary cocktails, made fresh daily.

95. Mount Rainier is beautiful from afar and close. Don’t let it pass you by.

96. End your rendezvous night at Dick’s.

97. Smile for the best photo booth at Cha Cha Lounge, but beware, it gets really hot.

98. Do the Puyallup!

99. Really, what would Seattle be without our beloved Space Needle?

100. Put cream cheese in your hot dog. Welcome to Seattle.

101 (Bonus). Sweet tooth cravings can always be taken care of at Cupcake Royale or Trophy Cupcakes :)

These are merely a hundred things I could think of for now. I challenge you to go out an explore the wonderful city of Seattle, because there is a whole lot of beauty underneath the clouds.

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    Excellent list! Bookmarked this for when I go. Where are you moving?

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